Camping and bungalow centres are applications that benefit of the power line communication system from We Save Power.   The constant change of configuration due to arrivals or departures of residents over a relatively wide area forces most tenants to be regularly on their bicycles or golf cart to execute local little start-stop command or read meters.   When the occupancy rate is high it generally requires to hire temporary people just to follow the changes and in the low attendance periods to leave the welcome desk unattended while accompany people to their bungalow.

The solution is easily installed over the existing electrical network whether it feeds the bungalows or the lighting systems.  In the present case the system was installed to provide a remote electricity control for both the bungalows and the sockets available for camping cars.  It also provides an automatic start of local heaters in the bungalows when freezing temperatures can have a damaging impact on the water pipes.  It also enables the owner to read the online consumption of electricity and water and avoid the costs related to inattention.  With the installed powerline system the manager can reduce the necessary resources to manage the camping and concentrate more of his time to meet the numerous demands of his visitors.

The narrowband system can be upgraded to any monitoring and control such as lighting but also superposed with a broadband transmission to add video cameras, dynamic billboard or offer WiFi connections.