Public lighting and private parking lighting are one of the opportunities to make substatial savings.   While most people think that the solution requires a high investments in new led based luminaires,  solutions, improved over the last two decades, already exists. Solutions that can be easily and cost effectively installed, even on traditional HPS lamps.

The city of Rixheim in Alsace implemented the Minos lighting system to control the intensity of light based on the actual traffic.  The objective is of course to provide the expected road security in line with the normative standards at the optimised energy cost. The system is based on the installation of one optical traffic sensor and a controller in each 120W led luminaire, communicating to the distribution cabinet by power line communication.  The cabinet is linked over internet to the central Minos application.  The information collected from the sensor and added to any additional information such as the time of the day can be treated to command the intensity of light.

Moreover, to the direct savings on electrical energy, the system enables to monitor on line the operation of the lamps, prolong their lifetime and their intensity and reduce the maintenance cost. The installed system can be scaled up to add applications in the future.


Rue de Mulhouse in Rixheim. Source: Google