The battle between wireless and wire line monitoring and control systems continues to rise while we believe the solution is most likely a combination of both.

Wireless technologies is a hype while wire line is offering significant benefits in terms of reliability from both a power and signal security point of view.

Wireless is a cost effective way of transmitting signals for those who do not have access to a cable. Yet the most proven wireless technologies either cellular like GSM, 3G and LTE or fixed like WiMax are tight to licenses, increasing operating costs for non-telecom companies. For management systems, manufacturers offer a number of RF alternatives such as WiFi, Zigbee or EnOcean.  While those technologies are the most attractive for local sensors and actuators, building a wide area network based on short range RF technology is still to be demonstrated.  The most reliable monitoring and control networks are and will most likely remain based on a combination of cabled networks and wireless devices installed at the edge of the cabled network.

From Power Line to Data Line For reasons of cost and payback the construction of a new cable network is often not justifiable. However, one network is available everywhere: the electricity grid. The 'powerline' is an attractive technology for the development of monitoring, management and control networks for public spaces and buildings.

From Data Line to Smart Grid The most reliable monitoring and control networks are based on wired networks in combination with short-range wireless modules installed on the edge of the wired network. A generic and scalable platform allows virtually every communication infrastructure for the intelligent measurement, control and management of public spaces and buildings . 

From Smart Grid to Sustainability By using the electricity network to send control signals, you will not only save on the initial costs, but also on operational costs. Smart management brings the energy consumption and CO2 emissions down. We Save Power connects, so you can focus on sustainability: less energy and more comfort in a safe working and living environment.