Industrial-grade means the electronic sag corrector is compatible with all non-regenerative load types and load power factors and provides a minimum 1,000% fault-clearing capability. Unlike computer-grade products or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), the SagFighter is designed for frequent high-inrush current and low-power factor loads without the need to oversize the product.

Power made perfect

  • Sag protection compliant with SEMI-F47
  • Full sag correction within 2 milliseconds
  • Sag correction duration independent of load or power factor
  • Sag correction for a minimum of 100 seconds
  • No need for bypass operation for high inrush or overload currents
  • Continuous protection without the need to recharge or reset
  • Non-continuous inverter operation that increases reliability and provides 99% efficiency
  • Battery-free design

The WSP electronic sag corrector consists of a three-phase transformer with each of its secondary windings connected in series between the source (incoming line) and the load(s). Load current flows through the secondary windings of the transformer while the unit operates in a “monitoring” mode with the primary transformer windings shorted through SRC switches.

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