The SagFighterNXT is a single phase electronic sag corrector. A fully electronic design that operates without energy storage. The NXT is especially designed to locally protect sensitive electronics that are used for machine automation and control (switch power supplies of PLC’s, computers, testers), IT-racks and power electronics in motor drives. Appliances that are often set at a very sensitive level and may shut down when it registers a voltage drop of -15% or more. And consequently block an entire process.

Power made perfect

  • Sag protection compliant with SEMI-F47
  • Full sag correction within 10 milliseconds
  • Sag correction duration independent of load or power factor
  • Sag correction for a minimum of 100 seconds
  • Continuous protection without the need to recharge or reset
  • Non-continuous inverter operation that increases reliability
  • Battery-free design

Looking for the root cause of the risk of machinery failures and production downtime in processes with high loads, may give you the opportunity for decentral sag protection. Instead of large and expesive equipment for central protection at transformer level. The SagFighterNXT is the most economical solution to maximize facility uptime.

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