The Volteon range of Voltage Regulators and Optimisers is a response to the significant increase of supply voltage variations and voltage level caused by the massive introduction of intermittent renewable energy sources and the necessity to enable power to flow upstream.

Volteon systems are delivering a single phase or three phases output voltage regulated at +/- 1% to loads ranging from 15kVA to 2600kVA.  The output voltage is user settable between nominal and -10% to support a reduction of power consumption of most non electronic loads such as motors, light, resistances.

Power made efficient 

  • High efficiency (>98%)
  • Operates efficiently on all load levels and power factor (inductive and capacitive)
  • Excellent overload capacity: 10 times for 10ms, 5 times for 6s and 2 times for 60s
  • Can be installed without changes of the circuit breakers

All units are equipped with a digital network analyser / energy meter (with optional remote control capabilities over Internet). The Volteon are delivered standard in an IP21 enclosure for indoor use.  Outdoor enclosures are available on demand.