SLM Smart Building is the building automation system that manages indoor and outdoor spaces with simplicity. Control, comfort safety, consumption analysis, energy savings and IP solutions are integrated into a single intelligent platform, designed to fit the needs of the building with flexibility. And thanks to power line communication technology, SimpleLife uses the existing electrical wires to transmit data, eliminating the need to install new cables and undertake expensive renovation works. A 3 phase point to multi-point self-diagnostic and self-correcting system for optimum reliability.


Command/control module for general electric panel, for communicating on existing electrical line 3 P+N without the need for new wiring or signal wires. Remote connection LAN port.

Power Quality meter for reading all main electrical parameters and energy consumption.

Peripheral module for point-to-piont or group management of the lighting plant and acquisition of climatic environment parameters. The device features an integrated interface Zigbee/Enocean capable of managing radio peripheral sensors.

Smart building products and functions

Supervision software
Command/control module
Power quality analizer
Control module SL-PL
Auxiliary module SL-4/8D
Peripheral module Divo
PQ analysis + o +        
Lighting / IN + o   +   o  
Lighting / OUT + o   +   o  
Heating + o   +      
Control of loads + o     +    
Technical alarm + o     +    
Video surveillance +           +
Digital signage +           +
LAN connectivity +            
WIFI connectivity +           +

+ Functions
o Functions according to specifications

With the growing implementation of energy saving devices based on power electronics and the integration of renewable energy production, the SLM21S is a perfect solution to continuously monitor the energy consumption and the power quality of the networks. Centrally in the main cabinet and on any location in the building without the high costs of new cabling.

Power made visible

  • 3 phases balance with and without neutral
  • 3 phases unbalance with and without neutral• 2 phase, single phase 
  • Active and reactive power measurements 
  • Imported and exported active energy 
  • Lines voltage measurement 
  • Lines current measurement 
  • Neutral current 
  • Total Voltage Harmonics distortion 
  • Total Current Harmonics distortion 
  • Communication with SLM on RS485 

The SLM21S unit will give you valuable information in terms of efficiency, power quality and savings. You will be able to optimise your load and electrical grid, to identify efficiency opportunities (i.e. filtering high harmonic content) or drive energy savings. While the unit is typically installed at the main electrical distribution cabinet, it can be easily combined with other pulse energy meters to view a single application and to understand the power quality and power usage of your entire campus in relation to other parameters such as environmental or people activities.

Flexible and modular system is easily extensible
The SLM System is not limited to measuring only. You can also manage your building according to preset scenarios. Expansion is easy and fast because the SLM System makes use of the existing infrastructure and standard components (4-20mA digital, dali, 1-10V analog, RS-485, Modbus).

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