• Modular static var generator

    European manufacturer corrects both inductive and capacitivereactive power in real time. The modular system is easy to dimension, easy to adapt to changes in the installation and fully protected against resonance. ROI < 6 months.

  • SLM building energy management

    New and especially existing buildings benefit from the revolutionary SLM network to measure and improve energy and water savings. SLM meets the international standard on 'Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol’. SLM does not need new wiring and is plug & play installed without any construction work.

  • Minos smart lighting control

    Istanbul saves 35% energy and CO2 on public lighting byindividually dimming and switching the lights. Morover, monitoring of the technical status of the lamps result in substantial savings on maintenance. ROI < 34 months.

  • Industrial grade sagfighter

    Manufacturer of plastic bottles protects the production process against voltage sags/dips and the resulting production downtime. In average the sags are -40% to -60% and last between 20ms to 3s. ROI < 26 months.

  • Modular active harmonic filter

    Harmonic current generated by VFD’s caused a hight THDu which can impact the normal operation of precesion devices on board. To avoid such uncalculated risks, modular Active Harmonic Filters were installed with a total capacity of 400A.