Not just light but a new platform of services ready to be connected. Thanks to its innovative technological solutions, the Minos System turns the outdoor lighting in a new smart grid present on the territory. The street lamp becomes a new support able to integrate and activate a wide range of services to improve the quality of life and make the City more smart, safe and eco sustainable.

Power made wise

  • Videosurveillance
  • Traffic control
  • Parking management
  • Real time weather statons
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Digital signage
  • Electrical vehicles charging
  • Dedicated network management software

The problems of monitoring the traffic and foreseeing in real time car flow changing are now overcome, thanks to the Wise Traffic Controller (WTC) solution. WTC is a revolutionary device that gives in real time information about passing vehicles on urban and extra urban roads and it is able to identify their category (motorbikes, cars, trucks) and average speed.

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