The modular PQC range enables to reach a power factor close to one by correcting at a very affordable cost both the reactive energy and the most dominant harmonics.

With the continued installation of power electronic devices such as motor speed control by means of variable frequency drives or electronic ballast for lighting and process controllers, harmonics are a critical concern.  (Please note that those need to be measured in current and not only in voltage as often thought).

Those harmonics can be corrected with a filter integrated in the device by the OEM (this is required for application with an input below 16A per phase).  For higher power, the extra cost for such filtering is generally by far exceeding the cost of an external filter.

Passive filters require intensive engineering knowledge and are designed for a specific configuration network.  Full active harmonic filters, mandatory in  the most demanding applications (weak circuits, isolated circuits …), are often perceived as too expensive for many industries.  As a result most industries do not correct their harmonics with uncontrolled consequences such as unexplained changes in relays or unexpected activation of protections, perturbation of field buses, counter electromagnetic forces in motors, reduced capacity of the network, increased losses, internal temperature increase of transformers, reduced lifetime of equipment.

The PQC opens new opportunities to optimise industrial power circuits.  It offers the following attractive benefits.

  • Full exact reactive power compensation on each phase
  • From inductive to capacitive mode, user settable cos phi target
  • Elimination of odd harmonics till 11th order
  • Secured load balancing between phases
  • Fast response time
  • Modularity and scalability
  • Unlimited parallel operation
  • Enhanced reliability and protection modes

The PQC can be delivered as rack mounted or wall mounted modules which can be easily installed in parallel anywhere on the electrical line. As the system can be easily upgraded, it is not necessary to over-dimension the capacity to take into account future needs. Indoor large systems can be achieved by paralleling cabinets each delivering up to 500kVAR.   IP 54 solutions are also available when the equipment needs to be installed in harsh environments.



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We Save Power offers a wide range of devices available to improve the power supply quality and ensure the bestprotection to professional equipment which is highly sensitive to electrical disturbances. As a matter of fact, any equipment needs correct powering to ensure its performance. If this condition is not met, there will be failures, errors and premature ageing. Power quality solutions range from small single-phase units to megawatt sagcorrection units. We Save Power has the expertise and products to solve any power quality phenomenon.


• Dynamic Voltage Restorer DVR

• Electronic Voltage Regulators EVR
• Sag Ride Through Devices SRT

• Static Var Generators SVG
• Active Harmonic Filters AHF

Power quality product selections (product/protection)

Product/protection DVR EVR SRT SVG/PQC AHF/PQC
Transient Activity + +      
Noise suppression + +      
Voltage Regulation + + +    
Voltage Sag Correction + + +    
Harmonic Protection + + + + +
Power Interruption Protection +        
Isolation   +      
Resonance Protection +     + +
Cos Phi Correction       + +
Power Factor Correction         +

Power quality product selections (products/characteristics)

Products/Characteristics DVR EVR SRT SVG AHF
Single-Phase   + +    
Three-Phase + + + + +
Indoor applications + + + +
Outdoor applications   +   +
IP Connection + + +

SVG is the new standard in reactive energy compensation.   This power electronic current source is the accurate and highly reliable solution for today’s networks characterised by significant increase in harmonics, voltage variations caused by intermittent renewable sources connected to the network and voltage level due to the smart grid development.   The DSP controlled IGBT topology enables a perfect compensation on each phase for both inductive and capacitive loads. It also correct phase unbalance where necessary. Immune to harmonics, resonance and voltage level, it offers a maintenance free solution reusable in any network configuration.


 Power made efficient

  • Full Reactive Power Compensation on each phase
  • From inductive to capacitive mode, user settable cos phi target
  • Load balancing between phases
  • 15 msec response time for full correction
  • Utra-compact, space economical design
  • Unlimited parallel operation
  • Enhanced reliability and protection modes

The SVG can be delivered in rackable or wall mounted modules which can be installed in parallel anywhere on the electrical line. As the system can be easily upgraded, it is not necessary to over-dimension the capacity to take into account future needs. Indoor large systems can be achieved by paralleling cabinets each delivering up to 500kVAR.   IP 54 solutions are also available when the solution must be installed in harsh environments. 

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SVG is the new standard in var compensation. SVG is connected in parallel to the grid, similar to a variable var current source. SVGs fundamental configuration are 3-phase self commutated bridge circuits adopting full controlled power electronic semiconductor devices (IGBT). By adjusting the output voltage amplitude and phase angle or direct controlling AC side current, the SVG can absorb or generate var according to the loads reactive power or the grid voltage level.

Power made efficient

  • Full Reactive Power Compensation
  • From inductive to capacitive mode
  • Load balancing between phases
  • Utra-compact, space economical design
  • Unlimited parallel operation
  • Enhanced reliability and protection modes

The Static Var Generator achieves the fastest PFC speed. A real-time PFC according to the changes of reactive current in the system. The Static Var Generator issues offset current with equal size and opposite phase of reactive current. When compensation current reverses, reactive power in the system completely overlaps with the wave form of the reactive power issued bij the SVG.

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The Active Harmonic Filters range from WSP is the broadest range of world class filters. From 5A per module in a 19” 1U format easily installed, among others, in data processing environment, to 150A per module widely used in the most demanding industries, the range is characterised by its outstanding correction of the harmonics from the 2nd to the 50th order in a volume smaller than many competitive products. Modular and scalable with the needs, this power electronic current source is the ultimate solution to offer reactive energy compensation, harmonics and phase unbalance correction in a single solution. Unique algorithms secure the absence of resonance with the circuit where it is installed.

Power made efficient

  • Mitigation from 2nd to 50th harmonic order
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Network balance
  • Unlimited parallel operation
  • Enhanced reliability and protection modes
  • Embedded wifi server for control on any terminal

Control at fingertip

The solution provides locally and remotely a comprehensive set of measurement data for analytical means:

  • Grid and load RMS voltages and currents.
  • Grid and load voltage and current distortions (THDu and THDi).
  • Frequency.
  • Graphical waveforms and harmonic spectrum per phase
  • Log book of alarms and events (change of settings).

The SVG can be delivered in rackable or wall mounted modules which can be installed in parallel anywhere on the electrical line. As the system can be easily upgraded, it is not necessary to over-dimension the capacity to take into account future needs. Indoor large systems can be achieved by paralleling cabinets each delivering up to 750A.   IP 54 solutions are also available when the solution must be installed in harsh environments.

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Electronic voltage optimizers, regulators and conditioners allow commercial enterprises of any size to optimize voltage to match individual facility needs, exactly. Voltage conditioners safely bridge voltage anomalies and ensure maximum uptime and motor life for valuable production equipment, while safely operating on grid voltage.

The automatic voltage conditioners provide tightly controlled voltage through both transient and longer-term low or high voltage events, while balancing 3-phase power.

Power made perfect

  • Fast voltage regulation corrects under/over voltage, sags, and swells (full correction within one cycle)
  • High fault-clearing capacity permits reliable operation of other protective devices
  • Built-in surge suppression for surges and spikes
  • Line isolation minimizes transients
  • Transformer shielding reduces line noise to deliver clean power
  • Independent phase regulation corrects voltage imbalance
  • Input circuit breaker protects against damaging over-current and short circuits
  • Automatic failsafe electronic bypass keeps the load powered

The WSP electronic voltage optimizers, regulators and conditioners combine the best qualities of typical mechanical and electronic voltage regulators while eliminating their weaknesses. Mechanical voltage regulators are valued for their high overload capacity and good voltage regulation, but these qualities are offset by their slow correction speed and the need for regular maintenance of moving parts. Similarly, electronic voltage regulators are known for their fast correction speed, but suffer from poor overload capacity.

The WSP electronic voltage regulators and conditioners provide high overload capacity for loads with large inrush-current requirements. At the same time, it provides consistent voltage regulation and fast correction without regular maintenance or moving parts.

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From intelligent lighting to smart city is a small step. We use the existing electricity grid for intelligent monitoring and control of the outdoor lighting. The smart city applications are a subsequent expansion. Each lighting mast is a terminal for cameras, WIFI, traffic measurement, measurement of weather conditions and air pollution, alarm points and all other applications that make a city smart, comfortable and safe. The smart city is a gradual evolution on the basis of requirements and budgetary possibilities. Population and policymakers determine to what extent the smart city should take form. With the signal reliability and sucuruty of an existing fixed grid.


Cabinet management and control unit for intelligent lighting and smart city applications. The module can be remotely or locally configured.

Syra module at lamp level to control and manage each lighting point.

Applications to make the city smart, comfortable and safe can be plug-and-play connected to the grid. They are detected and automatically displayed in the supervision software.

Smart building products and functions

Cabinet control module
Lamp level control module
Monitoring module
Traffic control solution
Parking control solution
Vehicle charging
Intelligent lighting + o          
Consumption monitoring     +        
CCTV   o         +
Emergency alerts   o         +
Vehicle charging   o       +  
Pollution monitoring   o +       +
Advertising totems   o         +
Weather stations   o +       +
WiFi   o         +
Car parks   o     + +  
Traffic info   o   +      
Noise monitoring   o +        
Remote meter reading   o +        
Area monitoring   o +       +
Optimized maintenance   o +        

+ Functions
o Functions according to specifications

Energy savings and CO2-emission reduction in lighting of public areas are today’s goal, while security of people and infrastructure remain highly critical. The Minos product range offers realistic opportunities to initiate and upgrade the infrastructure. Powerline technology offers two significant benefits: scalability and signal security.

The use of power line transmission enables the Minos System to communicate with each single lighting point exploiting the existing electric line, without adding any new and expensive cable. Thanks to this technology, the system allows to decide in which particular area to operate and in which time to send ON/OFF and flux reduction commands to the lighting points. Moreover we can also get all the information about the status and/or malfunctioning of each lamp.

Power made wise

  • Energy savings from 20% to 45%
  • Easy scalable and optimal signal security
  • Remote control of each lighting point
  • Maintenance in real time 
  • Reduction of light pollution
  • Dedicated lighting network management software

The Minos System helps to respect the environment and the targets established in the International agreements. Thanks to the energy saving and the maintenance intervention scheduling, it decreases fossil fuel consumption, thus reducing greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere. Moreover, when signalling the damages, it eliminates wastes a lamp can emit. Finally, it allows reducing the light pollution thanks to the possibility to decide when to turn on/off or to reduce the lighting flux of the single lighting point.

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Not just light but a new platform of services ready to be connected. Thanks to its innovative technological solutions, the Minos System turns the outdoor lighting in a new smart grid present on the territory. The street lamp becomes a new support able to integrate and activate a wide range of services to improve the quality of life and make the City more smart, safe and eco sustainable.

Power made wise

  • Videosurveillance
  • Traffic control
  • Parking management
  • Real time weather statons
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Digital signage
  • Electrical vehicles charging
  • Dedicated network management software

The problems of monitoring the traffic and foreseeing in real time car flow changing are now overcome, thanks to the Wise Traffic Controller (WTC) solution. WTC is a revolutionary device that gives in real time information about passing vehicles on urban and extra urban roads and it is able to identify their category (motorbikes, cars, trucks) and average speed.

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With the growing implementation of energy saving devices based on power electronics and the integration of renewable energy production, the SLM21S is a perfect solution to continuously monitor the energy consumption and the power quality of the networks. Centrally in the main cabinet and on any location in the building without the high costs of new cabling.

Power made visible

  • 3 phases balance with and without neutral
  • 3 phases unbalance with and without neutral• 2 phase, single phase 
  • Active and reactive power measurements 
  • Imported and exported active energy 
  • Lines voltage measurement 
  • Lines current measurement 
  • Neutral current 
  • Total Voltage Harmonics distortion 
  • Total Current Harmonics distortion 
  • Communication with SLM on RS485 

The SLM21S unit will give you valuable information in terms of efficiency, power quality and savings. You will be able to optimise your load and electrical grid, to identify efficiency opportunities (i.e. filtering high harmonic content) or drive energy savings. While the unit is typically installed at the main electrical distribution cabinet, it can be easily combined with other pulse energy meters to view a single application and to understand the power quality and power usage of your entire campus in relation to other parameters such as environmental or people activities.

Flexible and modular system is easily extensible
The SLM System is not limited to measuring only. You can also manage your building according to preset scenarios. Expansion is easy and fast because the SLM System makes use of the existing infrastructure and standard components (4-20mA digital, dali, 1-10V analog, RS-485, Modbus).

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SLM Smart Building is the building automation system that manages indoor and outdoor spaces with simplicity. Control, comfort safety, consumption analysis, energy savings and IP solutions are integrated into a single intelligent platform, designed to fit the needs of the building with flexibility. And thanks to power line communication technology, SimpleLife uses the existing electrical wires to transmit data, eliminating the need to install new cables and undertake expensive renovation works. A 3 phase point to multi-point self-diagnostic and self-correcting system for optimum reliability.


Command/control module for general electric panel, for communicating on existing electrical line 3 P+N without the need for new wiring or signal wires. Remote connection LAN port.

Power Quality meter for reading all main electrical parameters and energy consumption.

Peripheral module for point-to-piont or group management of the lighting plant and acquisition of climatic environment parameters. The device features an integrated interface Zigbee/Enocean capable of managing radio peripheral sensors.

Smart building products and functions

Supervision software
Command/control module
Power quality analizer
Control module SL-PL
Auxiliary module SL-4/8D
Peripheral module Divo
PQ analysis + o +        
Lighting / IN + o   +   o  
Lighting / OUT + o   +   o  
Heating + o   +      
Control of loads + o     +    
Technical alarm + o     +    
Video surveillance +           +
Digital signage +           +
LAN connectivity +            
WIFI connectivity +           +

+ Functions
o Functions according to specifications