Energy savings and CO2-emission reduction in lighting of public areas are today’s goal, while security of people and infrastructure remain highly critical. The Minos product range offers realistic opportunities to initiate and upgrade the infrastructure. Powerline technology offers two significant benefits: scalability and signal security.

The use of power line transmission enables the Minos System to communicate with each single lighting point exploiting the existing electric line, without adding any new and expensive cable. Thanks to this technology, the system allows to decide in which particular area to operate and in which time to send ON/OFF and flux reduction commands to the lighting points. Moreover we can also get all the information about the status and/or malfunctioning of each lamp.

Power made wise

  • Energy savings from 20% to 45%
  • Easy scalable and optimal signal security
  • Remote control of each lighting point
  • Maintenance in real time 
  • Reduction of light pollution
  • Dedicated lighting network management software

The Minos System helps to respect the environment and the targets established in the International agreements. Thanks to the energy saving and the maintenance intervention scheduling, it decreases fossil fuel consumption, thus reducing greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere. Moreover, when signalling the damages, it eliminates wastes a lamp can emit. Finally, it allows reducing the light pollution thanks to the possibility to decide when to turn on/off or to reduce the lighting flux of the single lighting point.

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