What are the characteristics of your electrical network?

Do you know the quality and content of electricity and how it may affect safety and the lifetime of your equipment? Electrical “impurities” may not be visible. Therefore, they deserve regular measurements to avoid penalties or business discontinuities.

Whether you plan to install power quality equipment or you are looking for smart public space solutions or building management systems, we shall share with you a common understanding of the quality of your network and present our solutions where effectively applicable.

We Save Power offers power site audits. A power quality engineer visits your site and conducts a power quality audit of your electrical system. This involves setting up sophisticated measurement equipment on site that monitors and records all the electrical activities that occurred in the system over a period. An analysis of the recorded data helps to reveal any harmful harmonics, voltage supply and cos phi issues, load variations, unbalance, noise or transients. Our power quality engineer will analyze the data and present you a power quality report, outlining the observed issues and suggesting solutions if required.

Even correctly functioning power systems require routine auditing to ensure early identification of any potential issues and proactive servicing requirements to keep power equipment operating to its full potential. A correct functioning system may save you up to 30% off your power bill. Moreover, by running an efficient electrical system you use less energy and therefore help the environment.

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