From intelligent lighting to smart city is a small step. We use the existing electricity grid for intelligent monitoring and control of the outdoor lighting. The smart city applications are a subsequent expansion. Each lighting mast is a terminal for cameras, WIFI, traffic measurement, measurement of weather conditions and air pollution, alarm points and all other applications that make a city smart, comfortable and safe. The smart city is a gradual evolution on the basis of requirements and budgetary possibilities. Population and policymakers determine to what extent the smart city should take form. With the signal reliability and sucuruty of an existing fixed grid.


Cabinet management and control unit for intelligent lighting and smart city applications. The module can be remotely or locally configured.

Syra module at lamp level to control and manage each lighting point.

Applications to make the city smart, comfortable and safe can be plug-and-play connected to the grid. They are detected and automatically displayed in the supervision software.

Smart building products and functions

Cabinet control module
Lamp level control module
Monitoring module
Traffic control solution
Parking control solution
Vehicle charging
Intelligent lighting + o          
Consumption monitoring     +        
CCTV   o         +
Emergency alerts   o         +
Vehicle charging   o       +  
Pollution monitoring   o +       +
Advertising totems   o         +
Weather stations   o +       +
WiFi   o         +
Car parks   o     + +  
Traffic info   o   +      
Noise monitoring   o +        
Remote meter reading   o +        
Area monitoring   o +       +
Optimized maintenance   o +        

+ Functions
o Functions according to specifications